Hello! We are JOSAPAR JOAQUIM OLIVEIRA SA PARTICIPAÇÕES (“JOSAPAR”), registered with the CNPJ/MF under No. 87.456.562/0001-22, headquartered at Avenida Carlos Gomes, 651, 5° Andar, Bairro Boa Vista, of Porto Alegre, State of Rio Grande do Sul. We made this Privacy Policy to clarify the main rules on the processing of Personal Data of all those who interact with us through our websites (“You”). 

This Privacy Policy is relevant to the domain josapar.com.br and other websites of brands linked to JOSAPAR, namely: 


Legal Basis   

They are the legal hypotheses brought in the LGPD that authorize us to process Personal Data. These could be your consent, the need to perform a contract we have with You, or the fulfillment of a legal obligation, for example.


Also called connection trackers, these are small files that we transfer to your browser or device (such as a cell phone or tablet) that allow us to recognize You, know how and when our website is visited, as well as how many people access it. They can be useful for us to better understand your preferences and provide You with more efficient products, businesses and experiences.

Personal Data  

Any information relating to a natural person, directly or indirectly, identified or identifiable. Name, CPF, RG, address, cell phone, e-mail are examples of personal data.

Data Protection Officer 

A person appointed by Josapar to be responsible for ensuring compliance with their rights and clarifying doubts about the Processing of their Personal Data.

General Data Protection Act (LGPD)      

Law No. 13,709 of August 14, 2018, which provides for the processing of personal data, including in digital media, by an individual or a legal entity governed by public or private law, with the aim of protecting the fundamental rights of freedom and privacy and the free development of the personality of the natural person.

Data Subject 

A natural person to whom the personal data refer, such as former, present or potential customers, employees, contractors, business partners and third parties (“You”).


TAny operation carried out with personal data, such as those related to: the collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, filing, storage, deletion, evaluation or control of the information, modification, communication, transfer, dissemination or extraction


The legal bases of the LGPD that we use are: 

  • Legitimate interest: when we conclude that there is a significant interest in the processing of your personal data for the development of our activities, provided that this processing generates some type of benefit for You or if You have already interacted with us at another time. 
  • Consent: when You expressly authorize, freely and spontaneously, that your data be processed for a specific and clearly informed purpose at the time of collecting consent. It is worth remembering that You can withdraw consent whenever You wish. 
  • Consent: when You expressly authorize, freely and spontaneously, that your data be processed for a specific and clearly informed purpose at the time of collecting consent. It is worth remembering that You can withdraw consent whenever You wish. 
  • Consent: when You expressly authorize, freely and spontaneously, that your data be processed for a specific and clearly informed purpose at the time of collecting consent. It is worth remembering that You can withdraw consent whenever You wish. 


On our website, You can browse without submitting any type of personal data. However, it is important for You to know that when You contact us, whether by phone, email or through the website, we may request the data below for the following purposes: 

Work with Us

Full name*, date of birth*, address*, telephone, cell phone*, e-mail*, PCD (person with a disability) and resume*: All data are requested for legitimate purposes and associated with the purposes of recruitment, selection, analysis, contact and, eventually, for pre-contractual or contractual steps if You are approved. Legal Basis: consent, execution of contracts execution of contract and related preliminary procedures, fulfillment of legal obligation.

Contact Us

Full name, address, telephone, and cell phone, e-mail, subject You want to talk about and your message, CPF*: All data is collected to identify You, either through the website or through our social networks, in case You want to deal with criticism, distribution, donations, questions, compliments, inputs, investments, sponsorships, products, promotions**, Human Resources, representatives or any other matters. In addition, the data may also be used for activities subsequent to your request, such as mailings or issuance of invoices. Legal Basis: consent, execution of contract and/or related preliminary procedures, legitimate interest.

Samples (SupraSoy)

Full name, address, telephone and cell phone, e-mail, message, CPF, CRN: Requested exclusively on the Supra Soy website, the data is collected for the availability and delivery of samples to nutritionists. Legal Basis: consent, execution of contract and/or related preliminary procedures.


Full name, address, telephone and cell phone, e-mail and your message, CPF*: All data is collected to identify You, if You request the forwarding of any recipe, either by digital (by email) or by physical means, so that we will forward a cookbook to your home. Legal Basis: consent, execution of contract and/or related preliminary procedures, legitimate interest.

* In these cases, it is not mandatory to fill in any of the requested data. Thus, should You choose to fill them out, You declare that You are civilly capable, that the data provided are personal and true, and that You expressly authorize, freely and spontaneously, that Your data be processed for that specific purpose.

** To learn what data is collected and for what purposes, please refer to the specific Suggested Rules for each promotion or sweepstakes. It is important that You know that, in sweepstakes or promotions conducted by our retail partners (such as supermarket chains, for example), although we require that your data be processed for certain purposes and that You be careful with the confidentiality of these, we suggest that You inquire about the Privacy Policies and/or Regulations of the sweepstakes, because we will not be responsible for the processing of data conducted by our partners. 


Josapar may, from time to time, automatically collect personal data from your activities (online or offline) from other sources that You do not inform us of. You can check what data and for what purposes we collect it in the table below:

Type of CookiesWhat do they do? 
Analytics and Performance Analytics and performance cookies allow us to recognize and count the number of visitors to our website, in addition to recognizing information about the use of our website. These cookies are used in association with the services provided by Google Analytics, which is a tool provided by Google that helps Josapar measure your interaction with our website. You can access Google’s Privacy Policy at this link
FunctionalThese cookies allow our website to remember your choices, such as your username, language or the region You are in. In addition, information is collected about which pages You visit frequently, the browser or operating system You use, among others. This information will help Josapar to, for example, improve services, count the number of visitors and solve problems. These cookies collect anonymous information and cannot track your movements on other websites. 
AdvertisingThese record information about your online behavior and browsing habits, such as the pages You have visited, so that we can provide You with more relevant ads for each user. We may share this information with third parties, such as advertisers and advertising networks, for example. On our website, cookies managed by Google AdSense are collected, whose Privacy Policy can be accessed at this link.
PixelsA Pixel is a technology that allows You to track user behavior within pages, such as the number of visits to this website, for example. When visiting Josapar’s website, a Facebook pixel collects your data which will be stored for a maximum period of 180 days. This data may be used for Josapar’s marketing campaigns through Facebook ads. To understand how Facebook uses pixels, You can access Facebook’s Privacy Policy
Legal Basis: legitimate interest 

This information is captured through automated technologies such as Cookies (Browser Cookies, Flash Cookies and the like) and web beacons, and also via third-party tracking. You may configure your mobile device or computer to manage the use of cookies or to alert You when they are active.

After consenting to the use of cookies, You can always deactivate part or all of our cookies. You can configure cookies in the “options” or “preferences” menu of your browser. Please note that by disabling cookies, You may prevent some services on the Website from working properly, affecting, in part or in full, your experience on the Website. 


First of all, we inform You that Josapar will not sell or rent any of your personal information to any third party. However, when strictly necessary, we may share your Personal Data with: 

  1. Retail partners, suppliers, and employees, in the development of our activities, marketing of products, services, and to facilitate the realization of sweepstakes and promotions; 
  1. Marketing and advertising companies, to select and produce ads consistent with your profile, as authorized; 
  1. Outsourced companies for the development of internal processes and website maintenance; 
  1. Financial companies, if necessary; 
  1. Public and governmental authorities to comply with court orders or requests from administrative authorities that have legal competence to carry out such requests. 

We demand that other companies, contractors and service providers act in accordance with the LGPD and use the data exclusively for the purposes for which they were contracted and that they be careful, especially, with the confidentiality of this data. 


Josapar may conduct international data transfers only if strictly necessary for the purposes described in this Policy. The data may be stored and/or accessed by the team operating outside Brazil, aiming at the development of the activities and our services provided to YOU, as well as to obtain information that may contribute to the improvement and safety of our services. 

In case of sharing with international partners, we seek to contractually ensure that the partner has a data protection and information security standard that is compatible with our Privacy Policy, and that the rules of international data transfer as set forth in the privacy laws of Brazil and the United States are observed. 


We store your personal data until the purpose for which it was collected has been achieved. In addition, we may retain them to comply with legal or regulatory requirements during the statutory limitation period of possible contractual or legal liabilities.


We adopt technical and administrative measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access or situations of destruction, loss, alteration, communication or dissemination of such data, in addition to good information security practices transformed into strict performance standards, following the legal provisions and a culture of precautions, through constant investment in the implementation and updating of technological resources.

Josapar is not responsible for illegal interception or violation of its systems or databases by unauthorized persons, nor will it be responsible for the improper use of information obtained by these means. 


We handle your personal data with transparency and therefore You can contact us to exercise your rights whenever You want: 

Confirmation and Access Allows You to verify whether Josapar processes your Personal Data and, if so, request a copy of the Personal Data we hold about You.    
Correction Allows You to request correction of Your Personal Data that is incomplete, inaccurate or out of date.  
Anonymization, blocking, or deletion it allows You to ask us to: (a) anonymize your data so that it can no longer be related to You and therefore ceases to be Personal Data; (b) block your Data, temporarily suspending your ability to Process; and (c) delete your Data, in which case we will delete all your Data without the possibility of reversal, except as provided by law.  
Portability You have the right to request the portability of your Personal Data to another service or product provider upon your express request, subject to commercial and industrial secrets, in accordance with future regulations of the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD).    
Information on sharing You have the right to know the public and private entities with which Josapar uses shared data, as provided for in this Policy.    
Information on the possibility of not consenting and revocation of consent Allows You to have clear and complete information about the possibility and consequences of not providing consent, as well as withdrawing Your consent in relation to Processing activities that are based on this Legal Basis.
Objection The law authorizes the Processing of Personal Data even without your consent or a contract with us. In such a case, it must be demonstrated that there are legitimate reasons for processing your Data, such as preventing fraud or improving our communication with You. If You do not agree with this Processing, You may oppose it, requesting its interruption.

We will endeavor to fulfill your request within a reasonable time (and in any period or event required by law). Please note that these rights do not always apply and that there are certain exceptions to them. We will also need to confirm your identity before acting on certain requests. 

If You have any complaints about how we use your personal information, we prefer that You contact us first. However, You can file a complaint with the National Data Protection Authority when it is in operation. 


If You have any further questions about our notices, data protection and how we use your personal data, You may also contact our Privacy team at any time.

Josapar has appointed Marcus Hadler as Data Protection Officer (DPO), and he can be contacted by e-mail dpo@josapar.com.br.. 

If You prefer to tell us through letters or other physical means, You can send the correspondence to the address in item 1 of this Policy. 


Our site may have links to other websites that have their own privacy and confidentiality policies, such as social networks. If You visit other sites, we recommend that You carefully read the practices and confidentiality policies contained therein, as this Privacy Policy does not cover the practices and policies of third parties, including those that may reveal and/or share information with Josapar. 


This Policy may be revised from time to time and You will be informed of any material changes. Please read any notice of this nature carefully. 

Any dispute arising from the terms set out in this External Privacy Policy will be resolved in accordance with the General Data Protection Law, but not limited to it, in accordance with Brazilian legislation.